Anatom Footwear (via AMG Group)

Anatom Footwear is designed in Scotland and crafted for comfort and outdoor performance.

We understand feet. We measured the feet of over 55,000 individuals (quite some feat!) and applied what we learnt to developing our own footwear last (the 3D-form the footwear is made around).

Our unique last provides a secure and supportive structure for the foot, every step of the way. Shaped to hold the heel, support the arch and give room to the toes, delivering more comfort and reducing fatigue.

 Scotland has an abundance of challenging terrain, abrasive granite and the occasional rainfall. These conditions can be unforgiving, and you will know very quickly if your kit isn’t up to scratch.

So that you can trust your boots to perform when you need them to, we select the best components for grip, waterproofing, and durability. We then use precision construction techniques to craft these materials into high-quality walking shoes and hiking boots.

Before being fitted to your foot, each design is thoroughly tested in the extremes of its intended environment.