COAST, based out of Portland, Oregon in the USA is 1of the leading Global brands for premium quality LED Torches, Head-Torches, Multi-Tools and Lanterns


The product has been sold in the UK by BBB since July 2012 since when well over a million COAST products have been sold within the UK, with annual sales of over 350,000pcs per annum.


COAST products are attractively packaged in uniform clam-packs which clearly convey the main specifications & features of each respective product, with the added bonus that they allow for the products to be tested/demonstrated in their packs whilst remaining in pristine condition.

COAST is an accepted leader in innovation within this sector and is well known for its exceptional beam quality, with ultra-wide, blemish-free flood beams through to ultra-bright long range spot beams.


All products are covered by a comprehensive 5 Year warranty and all LEDS are guaranteed for a colossal 100,000 hours of service life.

Considering the very high quality, COAST products are surprisingly competitive in price beginning from £5 and moving up in small & subtle incremental steps through the product range.


During the past 6 years in particular COAST has seen phenomenal growth, both Globally and here in the UK/Ireland.