Leon Boots Co

About Leon Boots Co. Limited

  • Leon Boots Co. is a family-run company made up of UK Directors, Kevin Burgess and Charlie Burgess.
  • The brand was established in 2016, just outside Dublin, and was first introduced to the UK two years later by UK Director Kevin Burgess and his son, Charlie Burgess.
  • The company originally discovered a gap in the market for lighter, more durable and comfortable Non-Safety & Safety Wellingtons, before moving into garden/consumer outdoor wellington boots.
  • Since its launch, Leon Boots Co. has won a number of industry awards, including Product of the Year at Four Oaks, an Innovation Award at Dairy-Tech, and most outstanding in Construction Footwear 2020.

It’s hard to believe that a pair of hardwearing, long lasting wellington boots could be so light, especially when we are so used to big brand boots weighing almost 65% more. However, in the case of Leon Boots Co., it’s entirely true with the entry product weighing in at just 219g.  Developed from single-injection moulded EVA/TRC polymer, these boots aren’t just light, they are built to last. Fully insulated against temperatures as low as minus 30°C, split and crack resistant, 100% waterproof, and featuring a removable and washable sock liner, this material innovation outshines traditional rubber in every way.

The lightweight nature of the unique material means that these ULTRALIGHT™ products are the most comfortable boots & can be worn in many different applications from dog walking to working on site or digging the garden to working in the dairy parlour. Suitable for all-day wear, these wellingtons, whether you are looking for a ‘war horse’ or a pair to leave by the back door to slip on before garden adventures, these are the boots for you!