Schildkrot Fitness (via Ransome)

Wellness, health and enjoying exercise are growing more important nowadays. Thus fitness has cast off its dusty image of body building and studion training and has become an all round concept for everyones, disregarding age or sporting talent.

The broad and attractive range of products in the new Schildkröt Fitness brand offers a large selection of home fitness equipment. Whether you require dumbbells, balance boards, expanders or strength training equipment, Schildkröt Fitness offers a broad range of products that fit into any living room. Only a small amount of space is needed, and individual Schildkröt exercise programmes are available to follow, with exercise tips and showing illustrations of primarily used muscle groups, Schildkröt offers the necessary background knowledge for effective training.

Effective training is not only fun, a well shaped body can be achieved, who can say no to that. Get Schildkröt fit.