SKINS was a pioneer of the sports compression category. We were the first and it came out of a skier that wanted to prevent the delayed muscle soreness he felt. His name was Brad Duffy and all of the first generation of patents name him as the inventor.

SKINS is about performance in sport. Our compression is designed to put the right pressure in the right place to aid in performance. We are about increase blood flow, increased oxygenation of the blood, endurance and recovery. We adopt a holistic approach in compression that allows us to also play in the adjacent category of activewear complimenting the compression range. It is, at its core, about performance.

Our vision is a world in which sport inspires society.

We create bloody good sportswear that makes everyone the best they can be.

We believe that how you play sport defines how you live life.

We champion sporting values that inspire social change.

We exist to make a difference.

We are SKINS.