Store Guru

Brief History of Store Guru

The team at Store Guru are proud to have worked with many independent and smaller chain retailers and food outlets over a combined 40 years as designers, shop fitters, architects, business coaches and even retailers too. Dave Stickland founded Store Guru 5 years ago to use his skills & knowledge as an ex. retailer to help independent and family owned retailers get the sort of store design and shop fitting service that only the multiples usually benefit from. Kate and Michael Rowe joined Dave very quickly having worked for a nationally known design and fit out company. Kate, Michael & Dave have enjoyed designing and managing larger roll outs for the likes of Screwfix, Virgin, Pret a Manger, John Deere and many one off projects, but they confess that working for owner managed businesses is often more rewarding.

How can a Re-Fit benefit your business?
•In a vast majority of cases a new shop fit out sparks interest that will increase your footfall and uplift your sales by 15-20%
•It’s a chance to review your product ranges.
•Streamline your stock so you get more sales from less stock.
•Opportunity to shake out the old and carve out a more successful niche.
•Increase the perceived value of your merchandise so you have the ability to charge a little more for what you are offering.
•Making your store more attractive will help you out manoeuvre your competition.
•Well thought through layouts and merchandising dramatically reduce theft.
•Logical, visible, tidy and clean interiors reduce staff costs.
•A vast majority of shop fitting equipment can be depreciated over a 5-year period, dramatically decreasing the impact of your investment on your accounts.
•Shop fittings, furniture and most equipment readily removable from a property including heating and air conditioning can be leased.
•Boost company and staff morale.
•Meet your customers’ expectations of a great retail experience by providing an environment that compares well to others they will be visiting on perhaps the same shopping trip, whether it be a multiple, and independent, a specialist shop, supermarket or café.