X-BIONIC & X-SOCKS brands stand for high-tech premium products and patented features that allow the wearer to maintain performance under any climatic conditions.

X-Technology Swiss Research & Development AG is a Swiss think tank with strong house brands and market-leading clients in various industries. The company was founded in 1997 in Wollerau, Switzerland, by chief thinker and developer Professor BodoW. Lambertz. For over 10 years under his leadership, a team of over 20 designers, graphic designers, communications and software experts has developed ideas for visionary concepts to create profitable products for the aviation, automotive, interior and functional textile industries such as X-BIONIC® and X-SOCKS®.

These are state of the art products characterised by patented technologies and revolutionary details. For example, XBIONIC ®and X-SOCKS®have won more than 300 international awards and prestigious “best in test” awards for innovation, design quality, workmanship, material, function and ergonomics. In 2013, X-BIONIC® was named the most innovative brand for the fifth time at the world’s largest sports and lifestyle competition, the Plus X award.