Dr Ron Hill presentation to World Athletics Museum

Graham Richards, Director of Ronhill Sports, was invited by World Athletics to the recent World Athletics Indoor Championships Glasgow 24. During the weekend, there was a special awards ceremony hosted by the Museum of World Athletics (MOWA) and by two-time Olympic 1500m champion Sebastian Coe, where eight global gold medallists and/or world record-breakers gathered to donate historic items of competition memorabilia to MOWA.

Graham, on behalf of the family of the late Dr Ron Hill, MBE, presented to Sebastian Coe an identical vest worn by Ron Hill during the Munich Olympic Marathon in 1972. In addition there was a photograph of the silver shorts and racing shoes which he also wore in the race.

There were also seven other presentations from: Allan Wells, John Regis, Tom McKean, Yvonne Murray-Mooney, Steve Cram, Denise Lewis and Fiona May.

Graham commented: “In addition to a wonderful championships, it was a privilege to present the magnificent framed vest and photographs, and for an item of  Dr Ron’s kit to have its rightful place in the Museum of World Athletics. In addition to be amongst such outstanding athletes was also a major highlight of the weekend.”