SKINS partners with England Rugby League

SKINS has partnered with England Rugby League, as the official compression and recovery garment supplier, to support the men’s, women’s and wheelchair teams as they take on the rugby world.

SKINS CCO, Simon Goodfellow said: “We make athletes of all levels perform better by knowing what pressure to apply and where to apply it on the body to naturally enhance blood circulation, limit the damage during training and playing from muscle vibration and recover faster. The active compression wraps the muscles, providing necessary structural support and dampening damaging muscle vibrations. With our current compression products, we will establish training and recovery protocols for the teams to ensure on-field performance and recovery is optimised for the players.”

England Rugby League Team Physiotherapist, Rob Artingstall said: “Elite Rugby League produces some bruising contacts between players and the dynamic nature of the sport means we need to pay particular attention to protecting the major muscle groups. During tournaments, player availability for training and games is paramount where we need to maintain the players and availability throughout training sessions and matches. SKINS assists us in two principal ways. By wrapping the major muscle groups, SKINS help us to accelerate the recovery of muscles between sessions and games so that the players can perform to meet the demands of the tournament schedule. Players also need to protect muscles during each sprint and dynamic movement during each game phase. Whilst improving blood return to oxygenate muscles, the muscle wrapping also reduces energy loss from muscle vibration, otherwise known as oscillation, from driving and sprinting. The use of SKINS provides a confidence in the playing group that we have an additional asset available to us.”



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