Body Armour New Zealand

STAG is pleased to introduce BODY ARMOUR New Zealand.

Body Armour New Zealand goes it alone.

After 29 years of branding its’ products with the CCC of Canterbury of New Zealand, Body Armour is now marketing them under its’ own name Body Armour New Zealand.

Our superior made headgear, known as the Ventilator and the Club, are proven market leaders which we are proud to say are 100% New Zealand made and worn by professional players and kids alike. We also design and produce a range of protective vests and accessories which have proven to be very successful both at the junior end of the market and for pros and semi pros in training.

We have designed and developed these products by working for many years at grassroots with players. This ensures that we create product at the forefront of technical innovation and quality. It is also why we understand best the hanging challenges that rugby players face and how important it is for the wearer to have a comfortable fit, ventilation and protection against knocks and bruises.

We are a small specialist company and this is what we do. It is not an ‘add-on’. We are now distributing our products direct in the UK and Europe. We hold stock of core products in the UK for fast delivery.