Butterfly (via Ransome)

The Butterfly brand was created by Tamasu Company of Tokyo in 1954.  For the last 60 years Butterfly have been at the forefront of the development of top performance table tennis equipment and evidence of this is the vast list of Olympic, World, European and Commonwealth champions who have used and have recommend Butterfly products over that period.

The current World and Olympic Champion, Zhang Jike, uses Butterfly equipment. 

In Britain too, Butterfly has been the leading brand for more than 30 years. Currently most of England’s leading players use Butterfly equipment including England’s No 1 and twice National Champion, Liam Pitchford and English Women’s Champion, Jo Drinkhall. Most of the leading players from Scotland, Wales and Ireland also use Butterfly equipment as well as the vast majority of the top youngsters.

Butterfly table tennis tables are used for most of the leading events in the UK including the World Championships, European Championships, Commonwealth Championships and in 2014 for the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. Both the English and Scottish National Championships were also played on Butterfly tables and with Butterfly balls in March 2014.

Butterfly are the official clothing suppliers to the English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish National Associations and to many of their top players. Butterfly provides the equipment for many events and competitions throughout Britain, including all the main events organised by the English Schools' Table Tennis Association and the British Table Tennis Association for People with a Disability. Butterfly is the main supplier for several major programmes, including the Greenhouse Schools Project and the iconic Bounce Club, both in London.

RSG have been the Butterfly distributors for the United Kingdom and Ireland since 1979.