HUUB has 4 decades worth of experience gained in the field of endurance sports (yes, we've done the miles, but still have the passion!). Focussing wholly on the athlete and maximising performance and comfort, we'll explore both the odd and the conventional to create the best. We are not slaves to fashion, but to form, fit and performance. We believe quite simply that we have delivered what competitors want. What's more, we know our suits work, because the science says so.

The HUUB team understand the specialist technical and scientific fields associated with triathlon, including hydrodynamics and swim stroke analysis. From smart scientist Huub Toussaint, clever Swim Smooth guys Adam Young and Paul Newsome to pragmatist Dean Jackson, we are focused on bringing cutting edge innovation to our products, whilst retaining a sense of reality and accessibility. 

Since the sport of triathlon began two of its disciplines were able to fall back to many years of research and the benefits to be had within running and cycling product development. Swimming for triathlon is a different story. Swimming with wetsuits is seen by many as the “Easy option” for open water swimming, and the hardcore of the sport will not allow wetsuits for such challenges as the channel crossing and other marathon swimming feats. Wetsuits for swimming did not exist until triathlon gave them a place, yet time trial bikes and running shoes were firmly planted in development and the product was exciting.

For the past 24 years the wetsuit has evolved very little aside from the development of more flexible and buoyant neoprene materials. Manufacturers still offer the same material, the same thickness and the same make up with key differences unverified and unsupported with science and testing. And what we find kind of bizarre, there are three parts to a triathlon and the swim is currently the one area the majority of athletes can drastically improve their performance through identifying their own body type and choosing a product designed to increase their performance rather than having to settle for one product that suits all.


You choose stack and reach, rim depths, bar widths and materials to suit you


You choose shoes on: foot type, weight, terrain, widths and running style.


You choose a wetsuit, you swim, there are no great differing body type options….Until now.

We understand at Huub that in order for our products to make a difference, we need to understand how products currently available perform and how we make changes be they minor or major. The ultimate goal for us here at Huub is to maximise your potential. By aligning ourselves with the world’s leading experts we are able to squash a few myths and realize a few ideas, some surprisingly we have been believing for years to improve our performance yet have no benefit whatsoever.