Race Approved Headphones

Marathon training season is already under way and competitors are actively visiting sports stores and trawling the internet for their kit and accessories in preparation for competing in the events which occur over the coming months. The UK Athletic Associations (England Athletics, Welsh Athletics and Scottish Athletics) who control these events with the race organisers and directors have now set some stringent rules in terms of what you can and cannot wear during these events.

The most significant is the ruling on headphones which states that “in the ear" headphones are now banned in any UK event that involves open roads, but "open ear headphones” namely, AfterShokz, are now race approved for approximately 3,500 events UK wide involving somewhere in the region of 320,000 registrants.

This clearly presents a huge opportunity for retailers to capitalise on sales to any customers who are taking part and provoke the question “do you run / train in headphones?”  If they do, then “have you acknowledged the ruling in your race pack?”

AfterShokz headphones use bone conduction technology that are race approved and deliver unrivalled situational awareness and comfort.

For more information on the AfterShokz headphones please call +44 (0) 1606 558 428 or email rod@pinpointce.co.uk